>My daughter (she’s 4) and I had some free time today and I want to teach her about fall.  We’re going to try and make something a couple times /wk.
I decided our front door needed a wreath and ran around the house gathering up random supplies.  I just kinda made it up as I went.  (also I am having serious issues with figuring out the spacing of this blog interface so bear with me!)

I started with a hanger and an old stained hanes t-shirt.

I bent the hanger into the shape of a circle leaving the hanger part in tact at the top for hanging the wreath.

I ripped strips of the t-shirt for my daughter to wrap around the hanger- we tied the t-shirt ends to the hanger.

Then ripped strips of fabric to tie around the t-shirt covered hanger. (tip: to make ripping fabric easier start each rip by cutting into the fabric first with scissors about and inch or so.)
My daughter had SO much fun learning to tie knots.  We’re that much close to shoe tying!

To finish we added some embellishments-  fake glittery leaves I had from some other arrangement project I had.

More of my supplies have purpose!

Here’s another wreath I made using up the rest of the fabric, added the phrase with a piece of cardboard covered in paper, then printed and taped.