My daughter was stir crazy today. 

 I’ve got a headache knocking at my door and the baby wants to eat and my house is screaming CLEAN ME!!!. . . but I know what the word ‘priority‘ means.
  I dropped it all for awhile and found some supplies
 and sent “AJ” into the backyard to collect some leaves.

Here’s what I used: Construction paper,scissors, glue-stick,yarn,hole-punch,water color paints

-Cut out a few pumpkins and stems

-Cut leaves out of construction paper
-AJ used the glue-stick to put the stems on the pumpkins
-I Set up AJ with the construction paper leaves and paints (I told her to paint the colors that she sees outside)
-Punched holes in leaves and pumpkins

AJ threaded leaves and pumpkins. (Tip: Tie a little knot in the end of the yarn so it doesn’t fray)

“Mommy!  I just LOVE painting leaves!  They make me happy!” -AJ  
“I just love my Mommy, you’re a good Mama” -AJ
 We hung them up!
Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our ‘To Do’ lists that we forget how simple
                                        it can be to spend time with our little ones.
She was so pleased that I took the time with her to make something pretty.
           We were both refreshed from our creative venture
and we successfully used up some more craft supplies!
Matthew 19:14
Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.