>I needed some more light in my front room and my living room and I needed it to be CHEAP.
So I did what every self respecting person would do and I pasted a request on facebook to see if any of my friends had a lamp they wanted to part with.

I ended up with these beauties. (Thank you LIndsay!)

Ok there’s this on-going joke between me and my close friends.  I tend to gravitate towards doing projects the quickest and easiest way possible.  I LOVE to cut corners.  Honestly it’s probably because I’m still a little kid inside and as soon as I dream up a project I just want to see the finished product RIGHT NOW.
SO, I’ve become a little bit addicted to spray paint.  The joke is that if I had my own redesign show it would include a segment each time where I would lead the crowd into yelling my slogan “JUST SPRAY IT!”  Of course it would be said in a super cheesy way.  So we have limited time and resources, what should we do with this lamp? . . .
say it with me now – “JUST SPRAY IT!

 I spray painted the first lamp with a fun bright red and then found a shade at Target for $14.  I love how it brings out the character in the lamp. 

The 2nd lamp had some ceramic on it’s base.  I didn’t know if it needed a primer so I bought a can of spray paint primer and applied that first, then a plain white.  
I’ve been looking for some fabric to possibly cover the shade in.  
That will be for a later post. 
Then to tie the white lamp in with the rest of the room 
I painted this one white  
and found some friends to hang out on my mantle.

My lil sis and I hunted all over to find these 2 lil owl guys.  We find their eyes a bit creepy.  We finally found them in a Goodwill.  It was a good day.