Time for me to stop talking about blogging and just get to it.  I’m so excited to finally have AnniThreadz up and running on Etsy.com.  We have several listings live to buyers but I’m looking forward to adding lot’s of merchandise over the coming months. 

(Isn’t my new little addition so sweet? She’s keeping me busy)Image 

I’m working hard to hone in my sewing skills.  Every day I learn something new.  I took an online sewing class with Joy from Snazziedrawers.com  She is a wonderful person with much talent.  She really inspired me. I would love to do what she does someday.  You can find her beautiful patterns and creations on her website.  All of her tutorials are full of helpful photos and are easy to follow.

 (Pic of the dress I made in Joy’s class)Image

It’s SO FUN to make clothes and purses and doll clothes and little headbands!  I’m becoming extremely addicted to fabric and trimmings.  I’m not even allowed in Hobby Lobby right now for fear of buying everything in the store.  

I’m all thumbs when it comes to the world of blogging so please be patient with me as I try and navigate through all the menus and learn all the lingo.  Today I purchased my domain name and completely freaked when was prompted to set everything up.  If you’re reading this right now it means /win