I’ve been sewing like crazy, will post pics soon.

Today I ended up making a present for a friend. Decided to show you the basic version, nothing fancy at all – but cute and practical. The 1st one I made had a zipper. I went to make the 2nd one and didn’t have a another zipper so I resorted to Velcro. Who doesn’t like Velcro.

You’ll need: ruler, washable fabric marker or pencil, fabric, Velcro, sewing machine, fabric shears,iron/starch

Pick your size. This pouch is for *sewing notions. I sized it to house a pair of basic sewing shears.

Always wash, starch, and iron your fabric before beginning.

I started with 2 patterns of scrap fabric and cut my first piece of fabric 7″ by 11″

Using a washable fabric pen drew 2 lines (on wrong side of fabric) 1/2″ from top edge and another 3′ below that to make pressing the seams easier.


I cut 4 pieces total using my 1st as a template. (2 outside fabric and 2 lining)

Press top seams of outside fabric and lining


Sew lining to out fabric wrong sides together with a top stitch – using the 2nd line you drew as a guideline

Repeat for other side of pouch.

Then with right sides together Take both sides of pouch and attach them together at the bottom only. Then open and lay flat- wrong side facing up.


At this point you can add any fancies to your pouch such as fabric shapes or stripes , ribbon,trim, lace, ruffles, buttons….

Add Velcro along the edge leaving about an inch and a half on each side to allow for seams.

With right sides together sew right and left side of pouch together.

Flip right side out and wallah!!! 🙂



(above is the 1st pouch I made with a zipper)

*If you’re a beginner and don’t know what to buy, here’s a very basic starter list. The “bare essentials”

Polyester All-Purpose Thread (thread matters, don’t ever buy the cheap stuff. It will just break), Iron and Ironing board/Spray starch, Tape Measure, Seam Guage, ruler, Seam Ripper , Pins, and pin cushion, Machine Needles – 80/12 or 70/11. And Ballpoint for sewing stretchy knits. Schmetz brand needles are great. Regular sewing needles (for hand sewing, Washable fabric markers (one for dark fabrics and one for light), and good fabric shears(do not use for anything else but fabric)