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I’m desperately trying to get organized before I start homeschooling my 6 year old this fall. Time is speeding by. I thrive when my environment is organized and fun to look at! I’ve been purging the clutter from closets and corners. And after another bday party filled with generous gifts, toys have dominated my home 🙂

I’m on a really tight budget. I bought a set of shelves for $25 off craigslist for my living room.

Here are where most of the living room toys live at the moment. Cute Idea but they take up floor space and add more “furniture” to the room. I’ve had them for 6 years and don’t want to look at them anymore.lol.


So I decided to make some bins out of diaper boxes to put on my snazzy new shelves! (with two still in diapers, definitely not a shortage of those around the house) Here’s how I made my first two.

1st I spray painted the diaper boxes yellow. Then I used yellow acrylic paint and ended up having to do like 5 layers and it’s still slightly see-through. I’d recommend using regular house paint with a small roller instead.


Create an insert for you box!:

add 4 inches to the top of all 4 side pieces to allow for part that folds over your box. (excuse my messy drawings 🙂 )


Pick your fabric: Use something fairly heavy.

Cut out all your fabric pieces

Prep your fabric: Starch and Iron, zig zag or serge all edges. Use a washable fabric marker to mark all your pieces so you know which are end pieces and which side is up.

With right sides together sew all 4 sides to base piece (1″ seam allowance)

again with right sides together (and 1″seam allowance, connect all side pieces together starting 4 inches from the top

4 sides: Fold down top edge 1 inch and sew close to edge.

(You are creating a “tunnel” for your string or ribbon to fit through so make sure you leave enough room!)
Using a safety pin and your string or ribbon, thread it through all 4 ‘tunnels’ and fit inside your box, fold over, tie tight and Voila!! 🙂