So I need a new bedroom and can’t justify spending the money to get one. Every time I buy something for my King size bed it’s too small to cover it all the way which is tacky and frustrating.


So I’ve been toying with the idea of extending the length and width of the one I have. I hit the thrift stores and spent about $10. I was able to find a dust ruffle, 2 creamy white cotton top sheets (one queen one twin) and sheer rufflely curtains to soften my window. Now keep in mind my goal was not to have everything be the perfect exact matching shade, all the fabrics slightly vary and add some depth to one another. This project would have been frustrating if I would have tried to match the exact shade of my comforter.

Extending the length of the comforter: I measured three 5 inch strips the length of the sheets, made a small cut with my fabric scissors and ripped them instead of cut them. I zig zagged the edges of the strips on one side to prevent too much fraying and then sewed them (right sides together) to my comforter. (On 3 sides)


I then measured my ruffles (about 7 inches wide)

Ok, being that this is a King size comforter it took a LONG time to do all the sewing. I got my laptop out, turned on some Netflix and got to sewing. (For beginners: make sure your sewing desk or table is pulled out from the wall and that you have something to drape the heavy part of the comforter on as you go so the weight of it isn’t pulling at the sewing machine and trying to slip away from you the whole time)

Each ruffle is made from 2 strips. Rip, then stitch them right sides together to make a super long strip about twice as wide as the length of the comforter. I chose to do 2 ruffles on each side of the comforter and only one at the bottom.

Zig zag stitch each strip about one inch from edge (I want them a little shabby and I wanted to speed up the project, if you prefer a clean look serge or hem all of your strips on bottom edge)

Set machine for longest stitch and baste top edge of all the ruffles – stop about every foot and start again (take completely out of the machine and cut a long thread, this helps later with the gathering process.)

Lay comforter out on the floor and take your strips and line up the bottom ruffle first where you want it to go. (I lined the ruffle at the foot of the bed up with the top) Ruffle your strip by pulling on the bobbin thread (the one on the back side) and pin as you go. I would suggest that the more pins the better during this step. When you get to the end if you’re short on fabric go back and adjust. I lucked out and only had to do this once, it’s sort of a guessing game. After pinning the whole side set your machine to a normal stitch length and sew your strip to your comforter removing the pins as you go.


Repeat all steps with your 2nd set of ruffles and atatch above your 1st set. How far apart you place them is a preference thing. I think mine were about 4 inches apart and my 2nd set of ruffles were only 6 inches wide instead of 7.

I made some “pillow shams” by using the rest of the fabric from the sheets and some fun Gray and Cream chevron fabric and muslin I found in a remnant bin at Hobby Lobby. There’s a great tutorial on youtube on how to make “envelope pillowcases”. I use this pattern for EVERYTHING now. They are so great because you can take them off and put something new on when you’re tired of them or wash them easily as often as need be. (with kids lil greasy fingers and all the other lovely things they bring to our home this is super important)
Here’s the link.
Vanessa from “crafty Gemini” has awesome sewing tutorials. She makes everything very clear and easy to follow!!

Now for the nightstands and lamps. . .will update when I’m finished with my room!