>I like to get into projects that are way over my head.  I have been wanting to make my husband a memory quilt for a long time.  We each have a giant tote in the basement labeled ‘Keepsake clothes’ Which I find humorous.  I had his Mom find me some shirts from when he was a little guy and for the backing I chose his skateboarding pants, shorts, and a thick long underwear shirt he always wore.  Then the rush began to get it done before Christmas.  Why I didn’t buy him a new video game or a new book or something I have no idea. This took me forEVER. I didn’t intend on blogging this so my pictures aren’t the best.

 Here’s my supply list:

-backing (this can be whatever you want, more shirts or heavier material or even just some sort of backing you like from the fabric store)
-iron on backing (to make the tshirt squares more sturdy)
-hand quilting thread
-regular heavy duty thread
-sewing machine
-hand quilting needle

Additional things I should have gotten:
-A fabric measuring board to cut on 
-Rotary cutter
-An earlier start

1st Mistake:
I decided I wanted to use mismatched sized squares. I do not recommend this to anyone ever. 🙂
Everything started out smooth sailing but once squares weren’t matching up correctly the seams started pulling and bunching.  I ended up having to take fabric pieces in some areas and sew them on the top of empty spots.  Once I got the front done I learned from my mistakes a little.  I made sure I lined up a row at a time and then connected the rows. 
After the front and back were complete:
-Cut and baste batting onto the back of the front of the quilt. 
-Put the right sides together of the front and the back of the quilt and sewed around the whole quilt like a pillowcase, leaving an 8 inch opening.  
-Flip right side out and stitch opening shut. 
-Using hand quilting needle and thread quilt tie stitches about 4 or 5 inches apart wherever you think looks good.  
Next Time:
I think next time I will cut fabric squares all identical in size and then overlay t-shirt logos onto the squares.  That way everything will line up from the beginning. 
My hubby loved it, wrinkled and all.  Maybe we can move the keepsake clothes to a smaller bin. yaay.